Say ‘I Do’ to These Unforgettable Wedding Favors That Your Guests Will Love!

Adding More Fun to Your Big Day: A Guide to Unforgettable Wedding Favors

Weddings are a cherished memory in the lives of the newlyweds, but also for their guests who attend the big day. As the event comes to an end, wedding favors are given by the couple to their guests. These are small tokens of appreciation to thank them for coming and celebrating the couple’s special day with them. Wedding favors have come a long way since the traditional Jordan almonds and sugared almonds of the past. Today, couples want to guarantee that their guests do not leave their wedding without a keepsake to remember their special day. To make your wedding favors unforgettable, we have compiled a guide of interesting ideas to consider.

Personalised Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses are the perfect favor for a summer wedding. Not only are they fashionable, but they also protect the eyes from the sun after an evening of partying. Customize them with the couple’s initials, wedding date or a fun hashtag. Encourage guests to take photos in the sunglasses, adding more creative memories of the special day to their collection.

Candles with A Personal Touch

Candles with a personal touch are an excellent way to make personal and customizable favors for your wedding. Not only can it serve as a decorative piece on display for the wedding, but it can also capture the guests’ memories from the event. Have the candles engraved with the wedding date or the couple’s initials. You can also opt for personalized labels or a fragrance that has a special meaning, such as lavender to commemorate the couple’s honeymoon destination.

Customizable Tote bags

If you’re having a destination wedding, consider customizable tote bags. It’s perfect for keeping your guests organized, and it can be filled with favors and other personal items. Personalized tote bags can also double as a souvenir with memories of the big day. Want to make it more fun? Choose a logo or catchphrase that is related to the wedding, like «Tying The Knot.»

Mini Succulents or Plants

For couples who love green, mini succulents are the perfect idea for their wedding favor, especially since it’s a popular trend in the wedding industry. Mini succulents or plants are an excellent eco-friendly option, and they are easily customizable with ribbons or tags bearing your name, wedding date, or special message. It’s an excellent way to give a living item that guests can take home rather than something that will end up in the trash bin.

Customized Wine Glasses

Customized wine glasses are an excellent wedding favor idea for wine lovers. You can choose a design that’s related to your wedding day, such as the names of the newlyweds or the wedding date. A monogram or a fun phrase can also add a unique and personal touch. You can also make it more fun by including wine charms or other accessories that complement the glasses.

Luggage tags

Luggage tags are perfect for couples who always have traveling as part of their lives, and it makes the perfect little keep-sake for guests. Personalize them with guests’ names or initials, and they will be put to good use at the airport or train station. Luggage tags can double as place cards, handy if the couple is having a destination wedding abroad.

DIY Edible Treats

The way to your guests’ hearts will be through their stomachs, and that is why edible wedding favors are always a hit. Make it extra special by making it yourselves. Consider making honey or jam, mini cakes or cupcakes, truffle boxes or any other sweet treat that guests can take home as a lovely reminder of your big day. If your wedding has a specific theme, you can tailor your treats accordingly.

Wrapping Up

The days of discarded wedding favors are over. Couples want their guests to leave their weddings impressed and appreciative. These creative and personalized wedding favor ideas are memorable enough to keep guests talking about the special day long after it has passed. Whatever idea you choose, make sure it fits with the theme of your wedding and that it’s practical and fun. To make a real impact, make your wedding favors a reflection of your personalities, love story, and your guests will surely appreciate it.

Amy Roberts


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