Empower Your Childbirth Experience: The Benefits of Taking Control of Your Delivery

Childbirth is a unique and wonderful experience that every mother looks forward to with joy and anticipation. However, studies have shown that many women have a negative experience during delivery. Feelings of fear, anxiety, and lack of control can make the process more stressful than expected. This is where taking control of your delivery comes into play. Empowering yourself during childbirth is essential to having a positive and satisfying experience.

Benefits of taking control of your delivery

1. Reduction in medical interventions

Medical interventions during childbirth can be necessary, but they can also have negative effects on both the mother and baby. These interventions may include everything from inductions to epidurals and surgical deliveries. While some of these interventions can be lifesaving, overuse or unnecessary use can lead to negative outcomes like infections, increased pain, longer recovery times, and more.

By taking control of your childbirth experience, you can reduce the need for medical interventions. Many women who take classes like childbirth education, hypnobirthing, or mindfulness learn how to manage their pain and monitor the natural progression of labour, enabling them to avoid or limit the use of interventions.

2. Better control over your body

One of the most frustrating things for new moms is feeling like they’ve lost control over their bodies. Pregnancy changes the way we perceive our bodies, and childbirth can accentuate that sense of being at the mercy of our bodies. But, by learning and practicing techniques on how your mind can affect your body, you can experience a greater sense of control.

Techniques like visualisation, relaxation, and breathing techniques can help you control your body during labour. By actively participating in the birthing process, you can stay calm and focused, giving birth more efficiently.

3. Improved birth outcomes

When mothers are involved in their delivery, and feel a sense of control, the likelihood of positive birth outcomes increases. These mothers are less likely to experience postpartum depression, less likely to have complications during delivery, and are more likely to have a positive overall childbirth experience.

By reducing the number of interventions, performing natural childbirth, and having a better understanding of the birthing process, mothers can set themselves up for a more positive experience.

Practical tips for taking control of your delivery

1. Choose the right birthing team and space

One of the most important aspects of a positive childbirth experience is having the right birthing team and environment. It is important to choose healthcare providers who align with your values and your birthing preferences. Consider nurse-midwives or obstetricians who have an excellent reputation for supporting natural childbirth, if that’s what you want. You may also want to choose a birth center or at-home birthing option if an out-of-hospital birth is something you’ve considered.

2. Take birthing classes

Taking childbirth classes can help you feel more prepared leading up to delivery. These classes can include everything from breathing techniques to natural pain relief options for preparing the body and mind of the mother for labour. Choose classes that align with your birthing preferences, whether they are yoga classes or a class focused on natural childbirth.

3. Create a birthing plan

Creating a birthing plan can help your medical providers understand your desired birthing experience better. Consider including information about pain management techniques you want to use, how you want to manage the birthing environment, and what you want to happen if complications arise.


Giving birth can be a beautiful and empowering experience when women take control and actively participate in the process. By choosing the right birthing team and space, taking childbirth classes, and creating a birthing plan that aligns with your birthing preferences, you are taking the necessary steps to achieve a positive birth experience. Remember, taking control of your delivery is a proactive step that empowers you to make decisions and ultimately have a beautiful and memorable birth.

Emma Reynolds


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